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Feel like Sheldon Cooper

junio 15, 2011



Obama got rid of Osama

mayo 2, 2011

Start your own radio station, it’s easy

enero 16, 2011

You suck at PowerPoint! (I don’t)

noviembre 5, 2010

Excelente guía de cómo diseñar una buena presentación. Aunque para empezar, para mí, si es hecha en PowerPoint, ya deja mucho que desear, si todo el mundo pudiera tener Keynote…


Pasando el tiempo (Series Recomendadas)

julio 30, 2010

3 series que les recomiendo:

1.- The Inbetweeners!

As Anwar said: “Enough Bollocks!”

2.- Highschool of the Dead



3.- Amagami SS


Si el mundo tuviera 100 habitantes

marzo 22, 2010

(toby-ng, 2010)

Si el mundo tuviera sólo 100 personas: 1 sería de Oceanía, 12 de Europa, 13 de América, 13 de África y 61 de Asia. Interesante, otros que me pusieron a pensar:

(toby-ng, 2010)

20 personas consumirían el 80% de la energía generada, 80 personas consumirían el 20% restante.

7 personas tendrían una computadora, 93 no…

Mira la galería completa aquí

Machinarium: Juegaso Tripero

enero 21, 2010

Poco o nada he jugado desde que me propuse dejar esa mala vida, pero los screenshots tan triperos fueron más que mi compromiso de alejarme de todo consume almas: Machinarium, un juego de rompecabezas (textual, un poco difícil sobre todo para el tostado que escribe) con una historia un tanto trillada pero un modo de juego y unas gráficas geniales (insisto, triperas). No les cuento más, sólo pruébenlo, ahhhh y el soundtrack, increíble, mucho más buen trip (Aunque otra cosa es jugarlo mientras suena la Radio Bemba Sound System para puntos triperos extra, jajaja)

The truth is out there

agosto 29, 2009

Via Geeks are Sexy

Geek o No Geek

julio 19, 2009

En WIRED han elaborado una larga lista con 100 atributos que un buen geek debe tener…. vamos a ver que tan geek soy:

  1. Properly secure a wireless router.
  2. Crack the WEP key on a wireless router.
  3. Leech Wifi from your neighbor.
  4. Screw with Wifi leeches.
  5. Setup and use a VPN.
  6. Work from home or a coffee shop as effectively as you do at the office.
  7. Wire your own home with Ethernet cable.
  8. Turn a web camera into security camera.
  9. Use your 3G phone as a Wi-Fi access point.
  10. Understand what “There’s no Place Like” means.
  11. Identify key-loggers.
  12. Properly connect a TV, Tivo, XBox, Wii, and Apple TV so they all work together with the one remote.
  13. Program a universal remote.
  14. Swap out the battery on your iPod/iPhone.
  15. Benchmark Your Computer
  16. Identify all computer components on sight.
  17. Know which parts to order from, and how to assemble them into a working PC.
  18. Troubleshoot any computer/gadget problem, over the phone.
  19. Use any piece of technology intuitively, without instruction or prior knowledge.
  20. How to irrecoverably protect data.
  21. Recover data from a dead hard drive.
  22. Share a printer between a Mac and a PC on a network.
  23. Install a Linux distribution. (Hint: Ubuntu 9.04 is easier than installing Windows)
  24. Remove a virus from a computer.
  25. Dual (or more) boot a computer.
  26. Boot a computer off a thumb drive.
  27. Boot a computer off a network drive.
  28. Replace or repair a laptop keyboard.
  29. Run more than two monitors on a single computer.
  30. Successfully disassemble and reassemble a laptop.
  31. Know at least 10 software easter eggs off the top of your head.
  32. Bypass a computer password on all major operating systems. Windows, Mac, Linux
  33. Carrying a computer cleaning arsenal on your USB drive.
  34. Bypass content filters on public computers.
  35. Protect your privacy when using a public computer.
  36. Surf the web anonymously from home.
  37. Buy a domain, configure bind, apache, MySQL, php, and WordPress without Googling a how-to.
  38. Basic *nix command shell knowledge with the ability to edit and save a file with vi.
  39. Create a web site using vi.
  40. Transcode a DVD to play on a portable device.
  41. Hide a file in an image using steganography.
  42. Knowing the answer to life, the universe and everything.
  43. Share a single keyboard and mouse between multiple computers without a KVM switch.
  44. Google obscure facts in under 3 searches. Bonus point if you can use I Feel Lucky.
  45. Build amazing structures with LEGO and invent a compelling back story for the creation.
  46. Understand that it is LEGO, not Lego, Legos, or Lego’s.
  47. Build a two story house out of LEGO, in monochrome, with a balcony.
  48. Construct a costume for you or your kid out of scraps, duct tape, paper mâché, and imagination.
  49. Be able to pick a lock.
  50. Determine the combination of a Master combination padlock in under 10 minutes.
  51. Assemble IKEA furniture without looking at the instructions. Bonus point if you don’t have to backtrack.
  52. Use a digital SLR in full manual mode.
  53. Do cool things to Altoids tins.
  54. Be able to construct paper craft versions of space ships.
  55. Origami! Bonus point for duct tape origami. (Ductigami)
  56. Fix anything with duct tape, chewing gum and wire.
  57. Knowing how to avoid being eaten by a grue.
  58. Know what a grue is.
  59. Understand where XYZZY came from, and have used it.
  60. Play any SNES game on your computer through an emulator.
  61. Burn the rope.
  62. Know the Konami code, and where to use it.
  63. Whistle, hum, or play on an iPhone, the Cantina song.
  64. Learning to play the theme songs to the kids favorite TV shows.
  65. Solve a Rubik’s Cube.
  66. Calculate THAC0.
  67. Know the difference between skills and traits.
  68. Explain special relativity in terms an eight-year-old can grasp.
  69. Recite pi to 10 places or more.
  70. Be able to calculate tip and split the check, all in your head.
  71. Explain that the colours in a rainbow are roygbiv.
  72. Understand the electromagnetic spectrum – xray, uv, visible, infrared, microwave, radio.
  73. Know the difference between radiation and radioactive contamination.
  74. Understand basic electronics components like resistors, capacitors, inductors and transistors.
  75. Solder a circuit while bottle feeding an infant. (lead free solder please.)
  76. The meaning of technical acronyms.
  77. The coffee dash, blindfolded (or blurry eyed). Coffee <brew> [cream] [sugar]. In under a minute.
  78. Build a fighting robot.
  79. Program a fighting robot.
  80. Build a failsafe into a fighting robot so it doesn’t kill you.
  81. Be able to trace the Fellowship’s journey on a map of Middle Earth.
  82. Know all the names of the Dwarves in The Hobbit.
  83. Understand the difference between a comic book and a graphic novel.
  84. Know where your towel is and why it is important.
  85. Re-enact the parrot sketch.
  86. Know the words to The Lumberjack Song.
  87. Reciting key scenes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  88. Be able to recite at least one Geek Movie word for word.
  89. Know what the 8th Chevron does on a Stargate and how much power is required to get a lock.
  90. Be able to explain why it’s important that Han shot first.
  91. Know why it is just wrong for Luke and Leia to kiss.
  92. Stop talking Star Wars long enough to get laid.
  93. The ability to name actors, characters and plotlines from the majority of sci-fi movies produced since 1968.
  94. Cite Mythbusters when debunking a myth or urban legend.
  95. Sleep with a Cricket bat next to your bed.
  96. Have a documented plan on what to do during a zombie or robot uprising.
  97. Identify evil alternate universe versions of friends, family, co-workers or self.
  98. Be able to convince TSA that the electronic parts you are carrying are really not a threat to passengers.
  99. Talk about things that aren’t tech related.
  100. Get something on the front page of Digg.

Resulato 23%… un pco menos de lo que esperaba

Reproducir Archivos FLV en Quicklook de Mac OS X

junio 25, 2009

Desde All Forces llega un excelente truco para poder reproducir archivos FLV con el Quicklook del Finder de Mac OS X

Para consegurilo debemos seguir los siguientes pasos:

1. Instalar Perian
Perian es un componente gratuito de Quicktime que proporciona soporte a varios archivos de video que no puede reproducir por defecto, como divx, avi y flv

Descargar Perian 

Perian Disk Image

Una vez instalado, Perian deberia aparecer en el Panel de Preferencias del Sistema.

Perian Preference Panel

Con Perian instalado sigamos con el siguiente paso:

2. Instalar el Plugin “FLV Quick Look Genertor”

Descargar FLV Quick Look

FLV QuickLook Generator

Descarga el plugin FLV Quick Look Generator, descomprime el zip y coloca el archivo flv.qlgenerator en la carpeta  ~/Library/QuickLook/ del usuario y del sistema (en mi caso la puse primero en la del usuario y no funciono, luego lo coloque en la del sistema y funciono perfecto, no se si debancolocarse una copia del archivo en las dos carpetas). Si no existe dicha carpeta hay que crearla, pero lo mas probable es que ya este ahi.

FLV Quick Look

Como paso final debemos reiniciar el Finder o cerrar sesion y volver a ingresar, ahora solo seleccionamos un archivo FLV y oprimimos la barra espaciadora para reproducirlo en QuickLook

Fuente: All Forces- FLVs in Quick Look

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